Fancial Long Fox Tail Plug - Black Fur

Fancial Long Fox Tail Plug - Black Fur

$ 63.50

Aluminum alloy tail plug with fox tail pops comfortably into place to stretch, stimulate and (last but definitely not least!) show off a long white tail in super-soft fur. Penetrating super-smoothly, the plug's classic stainless steel taper starts off nice and sleek before widening out into stretch-inspiring fullness below. Like any good anal toy, it includes a wide circular base that helps prevent too-deep slips. In ultra hygienic, body-safe stainless steel, this fox tail anal plug is extremely easy to keep clean. Wash well before and after use using warm soapy water or a favorite toy care fluid/foam. You will (of course!) be using lots of lube with this and any butt-intended toy, so pick your favorite and play away!  





Metal butt can be cooled or warmed for comfortable use.  
Cute artificial fur tail design add fun.  
Safe and friendly to sensitive-skin.  
Perfect to be used with all sorts of lubricant.  


Length: 17.7 In  
Plug Length: 1.97 In  
Material: Aluminum Alloy + faux fur  

Care & Storage

Clean with mild soap and water after use.  
Allow to fully dry on a towel before storing.  

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